Often the success of a management system is attributed to the direct involvement, participation and support of the top management, the higher echelon in any organization. By design and intent ISO 9001:2008 quality system is a management system which provides tools and techniques for management actions to implement good practices in an organization to achieve internal efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Therefore, involvement of management is the key to effective implementation.  

AQTS International has designed a special seminar style workshop to help senior management cadre to understand and assimilate ISO 9001 requirements in general and those related to management responsibility specifically. This seminar aims at providing explanation of the requirements for effective implementation of the system which benefits the organization internally and externally. 

The seminar includes:

  • Brief introduction to quality concepts given in ISO standards 
  • Quality management principles 
  • Brief introduction to standard requirements 
  • Role of top management 
    • Quality Policy
    • Planning and objectives setting
    • Resources and resource planning
    • Organizational set ups
    • Processes Focus o Management Reviews
  • Customer satisfaction concept 
  • Continual Improvement 
  • Ensuring effective system implementation 
  • ISO certification and maintenance requirements 

Training Methodology: This course is based on participative and accelerated learning techniques.   

Course Material: The course material in form of a course folder will be given to each participant.    

Course Certificate: Each participant will be entitled for a training certificate.   

Course Facilitators: Course facilitators are highly capable and qualified quality assurance practitioners with practical industrial and managerial experience, especially in implementing the quality techniques.  

Training Timings: The training will commence at 0800 hrs and terminate at 1200 hrs. In between there will be two 15 minutes coffee breaks.  

For further details, fee or quotation, please contact:  

Training Coordinator 
AQTS Inc. 
Phone: 281 565 2447 
Fax: 713 481 8434