Context: The concept of Poka-Yoke is neither new nor peculiarly Japanese, despite its name. The term means foolproofing or more literally mistake avoidance and has found many applications in industry. In Japan during the 1970’s and 1980’s it gained significance as a means of achieving zero defects. The use of fool-proofing methods can address the problem that no single defect will be produced or shipped. This does not remove the need or value of effective process control. Poka-Yoke attempts to prevent processing from taking place, so avoiding an error resulting in a defective product. PokaYoke systems can be applied at three strategic points in the process viz cannot start, cannot release and cannot pass. Poka-Yoke control has two elements of device and signal. The use of Poka-Yoke should always be borne in mind when developing new processes, the most appropriate stage being when conducting an FMEA. To err is human, to prevent errors from becoming defective products is Poka-Yoke.  

Objective: Knowledge of Poka-yoke techniques will enhance the ability of individual engineers, project groups or quality circles to provide a process capable of delivering zero defects.  

Contents:- Introduction, Purpose, Types of errors, Poka-Yoke systems, Pokayoke device, Poka-Yoke Signal, Applying Poka-Yoke, Detection measures for error proofing systems, Benefits, Characteristics of good Poka-Yoke and Examples  
Course Certificate: Each participant will be entitled for a training certificate.   

Trainers’ Profile: The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Shanti Sarup, an ex Tata Motors senior executive who has conducted a number of successful training programmes. He is a certified Quality Engineer and a trained lead assessor  

Participant’s profile: The workshop would be found relevant and useful for supervisors, engineers and managers from areas such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Design, Planning, Manufacturing, Materials, Maintenance, Logistics, Service and QA from both manufacturing and service  organizations.  

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