Many independently conducted surveys show the biggest question confronting organizations certified to ISO 9001:2008  standard is effective implementation and maintenance of the quality system. The problem is attributed largely to one single factor - lack of expertise available within the organizations to implement the system in an effective manner at the line management or working level. The solution to this problem lies in training and creating a professional core within the organizations which can properly implement and audit the quality system periodically.  

With this objective in view, AQTS International provides training services to help implement in organizations a dynamic quality management system by creating a talent pools of quality practitioners. In collaboration with OTS Training Services Texas Houston, a comprehensive 5-days Quality Lead auditor training course is conducted for the organizations seeking to improve their quality performance. This course is approved by UK based IRCA and IATCA, and meet criteria IRCA/2245 & IATCA/17252. 

Course Value: This ISO 9001:2008  Quality Auditor / Lead Auditor training course is an internationally recognized training fulfilling the training requirement and criteria for registration as a quality system auditor. The certificates are issued by OTS Training Services Houston Texas USA.  The course is designed to create proper understanding of the system requirements and auditing within an organization. This leads to better understanding of, and creates value for, the business processes and their compliance with ISO 9001:2008  standard. 

Contents: The course syllabus is approved by IRCA UK. This is designed to impart an indepth and professional level knowledge of the concepts related to quality system and its’ auditing. These include briefly; 

1. Quality concepts and their application to organizational needs 
2. Understanding ISO 9001:2008  standard and principles of quality  
3. Functional processes, measurement and improvement 
4. Quality system documentation and its’ control 
5. Quality system auditing & assessment process - ISO 19011:2002 
6. Audit planning and implementation 
7. Methods and techniques of performing quality audits 
8. Writing Non-Conformances and Corrective Action Request 
9. Reporting audit results and writing Audit Report 
10. Improvement processes and implementation actions 
11. IRCA Registration Scheme for Auditors  
12. ISO 9000 Certification: Product Liability and Product Safety Issues 
13. Exercises, Case Studies and Workshops 
Course Objective: The objective of the course is to create a core of quality professionals within an organization who can properly implement and audit a quality management system. By undergoing this IRCA ISO 9000 Series Auditor / Lead Auditor training, persons who attend and achieve successful completion should be able to: 

1. Relate quality management system concepts and principles to their organizational systems requirements. 
2. Understand the ISO 9000 family of standards including ISO 9000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 9004:2000 and ISO 19011:2002. 
3. Plan a “Process Approach” audit effectively, including audit preparation, developing audit checklist and matrix of requirements, estimating audit duration, document review / stage one audit, pre-site audit visit, formation of audit team and preparing the on-site audit plan. 
4. Conduct a “Process Approach” audit effectively, including Opening / Closing Meeting; gathering objective evidence through use of checklist and matrix; establishing audit trail; interviewing, questioning and observations; assessing data, records and reports while demonstrating sensitivity to auditee; drawing sound conclusions based on audit findings. 
5. Report the audit in an accurate and impartial manner so as to add value to the audit, as well as carry out follow-up activities such as closing CARs after evaluating the effectiveness of the corrective and preventive actions.  
6. Anticipate and identify problems like technical, operational, managerial, personnel, training, proffering remedial actions, and advising management on better implementation of the system. 

Duration / Schedule: This course is conducted over 5 consecutive days in which participants must complete minimum 40 hours of instructional time and class work. This course is available to organizations inhouse or through our public programs. Detailed course schedule and daily program is provided and also available on our websites. The course is the legal property of M/s OTS Training Services Houston, Texas, 77082.    

Course Material: The course material in form of a course folder will be given to each participant.    

Course Certificate: Each participant passing examination will be entitled for a certificate.   

For further details, fee or quotation, please contact:  
Training Coordinator 
AQTS Inc.  
Phone: 281 565 2447 
Fax: 713 481 8434