What is ISO 22301 Certification? 

Global pandemics, Floods, cyber-attacks, supply chain disruptions and loss of skilled staff are some of the possible threats to smooth running of any organization. If not addressed effectively, these events can lead to major disruptions or even business failure. Effective and consistent planning for disasters helps in effective response and early recovery. In recent times, managing business continuity and planning for it is becoming central for any business survival. 

ISO 22301 is an international standard for Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). This standard is designed to protect, respond, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise. With a Business Continuity Management System in place, your organization is prepared to detect and prevent threats.

After initial publication in 2012 by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 22301 standard has become the benchmark for business continuity management systems. According to a recent survey, over 4000 organizations hold an ISO 22301 certificate. The latest version of the ISO 22301 standard came out in November 2019. Companies already certified to ISO 22301:2012 can transition to the latest version of the standard by October 31, 2022.

ISO 22301:2019 is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, industry or nature of business. Based on High-Level Structure (HLS), it aligns well with many other internation­ally recognized management system standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It is designed to be integrated into an organization’s existing management processes.

An ISO 22301 certified company is able to provide premium level of services to its customers irrespective of the surrounding disruptions and circumstances.

Benefits of ISO 22301 certification 

  • Elimination or minimization of losses in case of disasters and protection of revenue stream.
  • Creation and maintenance of  strong response and recovery procedures thus ensuring the continuation of operations
  • Edge over the competition to win new tenders and contracts and being able to forge profitable partnerships
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements thus minimizing chances of penalties because of legal non-conformities.
  • Instills trusted and confidence in the eyes of its customers, shareholders, suppliers, or other interested parties.   
  • Identification of potential risks that have a higher probability of impact. 
  • Savings on costs especially insurance costs due to better identification of risks and their probabilities 

Our ISO 22301 Certification Services 

DAS Certification USA provides UKAS accredited ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System Certification to companies across the US. We have a team of qualified and experienced to access your Business Continuity Management System and help your organization achieve the ISO 22301 certification.