As a certification body, DAS Certification/QCS Inc. cannot provide any form of consultancy service. However, there are a number of specialist consultancies who can assist you for setting up your management system. We have compiled a list for your assistance. As can be noted this list does not include all competent consultants. It should not be assumed that services with such consultants will in any way lead to a faster, cheaper or easier certification from DAS.


Should you require accredited/specific training, please contact our preferred training associate AQTS at AQTS is IRCA certified training organization and company details can be seen at AQTS-USA website.

AQTS provides training in many fields including Quality, Safety, Environment, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Leadership Development, Management, and others. Inc. Training courses are based on our “Accelerated Training Techniques”. As a result, the courses have a very interactive and participative approach, resulting in optimal learning. The courses also include a significant number of workshops, case studies, and simulation exercises designed to reinforce the material covered. Under the guidance of highly trained, skilled and experienced trainers, the students gain the required knowledge and skills in relatively short period of time.

AQTS Inc. offers both general training programs as well as courses tailored for a specific business sector and training needs of the company. AQTS Inc. is an  IRCA, UK certified organization (certification number "AO 17491”) and its ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor course is also certified by IRCA (certification number "A 17492”).

Certification Process Flow Chart