A route to accredited certification


Our Assessment Process has Following Key Stages for Accredited Certification:

Following your decision to proceed with certification and placing an inquiry to DAS USA, you need to complete our application and a questionnaire which will be reviewed by us and a free estimate will be provided. There is no fee until you accept the estimate and return the signed contract that includes the conditions for certification. In case of any query about system certification, our friendly, helpful administration and management team with expert knowledge are available at the end of a phone.

After completion of the formalities, we will assign an auditor who will contact you to finalize the arrangements and start the certification process on a mutually agreed date and time.

GAP Audit:  It is an optional visit/audit of your organization which will be done for a Gap analysis. Though it is not mandatory but if you opt for it, this will help in identifying those areas which require more time to achieve compliance. It will give you confidence that your systems are ready for certification audit. This visit/audit is very good for those organizations that are not very sure of the status and implementation/effectiveness of their management system.

The certification audits are performed in two stages i.e. Stage 1 Audit & Stage 2 Audit

Certification Audit - Stage 1: This audit visit will be planned by our customer support representative and the lead auditor on a date mutually agreed upon. Intent of stage 1 audit is to see how well your organization has defined its management system according to your selected standard, processes. During audit extent of implementation and internal controls are reviewed and processes like internal audit and management review are also audited. The auditor will gather the information regarding the scope of your management system, key processes and related statutory, regulatory and compliance aspects. After his visit the auditor will provide a detailed report to you and will recommend typical weak areas which need to be addressed to achieve the certification process.


Certification Audit - Stage 2: This is main audit visit, during this audit our auditors/assessors will closely review and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of your management system. During the visit they will talk to your staff, senior management and operational personnel and will find out how the management system is being understood by them. Subsequently a detailed audit report will be prepared and submitted to you. The report will provide the following:

a)   Findings of the assessment and details of the processes audited

b)   Specific areas for improvement (if any)

c)   All the mutually agreed non- conformities observed during the assessment.

d)   Recommendations for certification


Surveillance Audits: Intent of surveillance audits is to see that your management system is continually conforming to the requirements of your selected standard. Surveillance audits  will be conducted on mutually agreed intervals (not exceeding one year period) to follow up on the progress or changes since the previous audit. These audits help for the continual improvement of the processes and system of your company.

Kindly note that those organizations who already have ISO 9001 certification by DAS USA and want to add certifications for ISO 14001 (EMS) and OHSAS 18001, we also offer an integrated audit/certification approach. If you have an integrated management system, we can perform integrated audits and provide certification of all the standards.


The certification process is also given in the flow chart on the link below:

Certification Process Flow Chart