Context: Businesses face complex and multidimensional problems which require structured approach to find solutions. The 7- steps problem solving process follows Shewhart’s Plan, Do, Check, and Act model. It is important to note that problem solving efforts often do not proceed in the serial fashion implied by the phrase “steps to problem solving”, hence there is a strong need that managers and quality professional know which tool or tools can be used in different situations. The 7-step problem solving process ensures that three basic elements of effective problem solving; data, use divergent and convergent thinking are used while tackling management and technical problems. Effective problem solving requires teams and individuals to rely on hard facts rather than ‘expert opinion”. This workshop teaches the quality tools, and more importantly, when to use a tool or tools for problem solving. These will include Histograms, Stratification, Scatter Diagrams, Check Sheets, Pareto Charts and Cause & Effect Diagrams.   

Objectives of the Workshop
• Explain the importance of breakthrough thinking 
• Understand and apply the 7- steps problem solving process 
• Construct and use the quality tools  

Type of Problems: This process and tools may be deployed while trying to solve any problem; e.g. 
• Responding to a performance measure that is falling short 
• Expense account over plan 
• Scrap problem on particular machine 
• Lack capacity on particular operation 
• Reports not in on time 
• Meeting not productive  

Participants’ Profile: The workshop shall be useful for engineers and managers from design, production, planning, quality assurance, human resources, finance, and service areas and for teams involved in problem solving efforts in organizations responsible for products and / or services delivery to their valued customers.  

Course Certificate: Each participant will be entitled for a training certificate.   

Trainers’ Profile: The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Shanti Sarup, an ex Tata Motors senior executive who has conducted a number of successful training programmes. He is a certified Quality Engineer and a trained lead assessor  

Participant’s profile: The workshop would be found relevant and useful for supervisors, engineers and managers from areas such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Design, Planning, Manufacturing, Materials, Maintenance, Logistics, Service and QA from both manufacturing and service  organizations.  

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